About us

Our name is evolved from the word “Pra-Dit” in Thai which means “Create, innovate and Manufacture” The word inspires us to search unique life-style decorative products with 100% handmade and to deliver directly to your home.

We carefully select finest-quality home decor pieces for our customers who appreciate contemporary design collections based on the traditional craftsmanship. By looking into the products in our website, you can easily find elegant combination of modern, traditional and culture.

Our ideology

Our ideology is to promote those new generation artists and designers from Asia to give them a place to demonstrate their great ideas and furthermore to help them earn for living. We also introduce the products with cultural hand-skills passed from generation to generation but disappearing because of time-consuming and intricate process.

Telling stories

Behind each product, there are always interesting stories to tell, from those artists and designers. And you are now just a few clicks away from having your favorite home decor items delivered to your door.