Alua Circle Hanger

 100,00 inc. VAT

Transform your kitchen into a stylish modern culinary masterpiece with this multi-purpose stainless steel hanger. The hanger comes with a ceramic base that is hand shaped and painted with traditional Asian inspired ceramic navy prints. There is also a gold trim at the bottom of the base to help break the traditional look with a shiny modernistic touch. The hanger itself is made from quality stainless steel that will last decades when cared for right and is rust-free.

The hanger can be used to hang fruits and food such as bananas, grapes, and more. The hanger will reveal whatever you hang on it perfectly. The shape of the hanger comes in a complete circle with a small rectangle on top of the hanger, this is where a stainless loop is attached to the rectangle to support anything you hang on it.

Dimensions 35 × 19 × 36 cm

Ceramic and silver stainless steel