The craft and the art of porcelain ceramics: Modern Vase Design

The authentic handmade and hand-painted porcelain ceramics vase of local Thai artisan had turned the ordinary heating clay into the modern vase porcelain ceramics featuring the original handcrafted and contemporary design of Thai cultural heritage background. The traditional Thai craftsmanship is full of stories, arts, culture, and family traditional background through different periods of time. The unique technique of creating a vase is still kept as the family secret for many decades and it’s only passed on through generations and in between families.

The master craftsmen with pure expression and expertise are very unique with local Thai Style. Take a journey with us and explore the handcraft traditional process of our modern ceramic porcelain vase:

Step 1

The beginning of the journey will start by sourcing the finest natural raw material in the local area. The primary ingredient to create exceptional quality porcelain is fine-grained white clay called kaolin. Adding other ingredients such as feldspar or fine bone ash, all characterized in small particle size. Then start to mix all the raw material, add water and gently blending all the mixture.

Step 2

Pour the mixture into the mold. Leave and wait for the formation of the mixture. It will gradually become thicker as needed. Once, the mixture is hardened, remove it from the mold. Bring it out and let the air dry the piece completely. Carefully recheck the piece to dry evenly.

Step 3

The artisan gently crafts the piece and try to get the perfect for trimming and careful drying of the art piece to evaporate water and moisturizer.

Step 4

Begin the last stage with the traditional heating process. The high temperature at 1,250 degrees is required to transform the original raw piece into the beautifully made ceramic porcelain vase. The process aims to heat up to the point that the clay is mature as well as decorative firing purposes. This process is especially worked on the coloring ceramics after the glaze firing stage. The artisan will start to paint and decorate the art piece with the family’s signature style. Burn the ceramic vase again for the last time and wait for the cool down, the completely unique and original ceramic vase porcelain is ready to be a part of your contemporary home decoration.