The new collection story: Year 2022

The new inspiration for your thriving life this year.

As 2022 is the new beginning and it is considered a chance to refresh some new inspiration for your thriving life this year. So, here’s the creative way to start decorating your home with glamorous and unique items together with stunning flowers. Why don’t you try to put some classic and timeless jewellery like some handmade Scandinavian vases as your favourite home decoration? We are listing the most loved Scandinavian vases that you would love, especially when you are so into furnishing your modern home with masterpiece craftsmanship items that are uncomplicated to clean, you only need a simple soft sponge to take care of these masterpieces.

1. Lost in Paradise

Taking a stunning idea from tropical palms from the natural world, this ‘Lost in paradise’ would take you to explore the minimalist forms and compelling shapes that totally stand out from others. Due to the handmade nature of this ceramic, this item would contribute its charm by its earthy tone and the lined shape from the palm leaves’ idea.

2. Less is More

This vase simplicity makes this ‘Less is more’ flawless for many interior designs. You might fall in love easily with this uniquely shaped vase combined with lines and comfort style. This vase is also suitable for filling with Hence it is simple and clean with a tiny shape and it could also bring you a touch of freshness in a minimal way to your beloved house.

3.Serene memory​

With its lightly textured and natural surface of a stone, the ‘Serene memory’ is taking inspiration from an element in nature, it comes with a compelling shape and a perfect size with a keen focus on skilled craftsmanship, this item has an amazing ability to blend with their surroundings and it looks aesthetic that you can put it as unique furniture or you can put any flowers, it would absolutely be marvelous, specifically for those who love unique decorative vases that keeps the traditional process which can catch all your visitor’s attention.

Our masterpieces are suitable for any room decoration including the living room, bedroom, hall room, restaurant, or office spaces. They would add stylishness together with an artistic look to your home with more charm. These elegant designs with the perfect texture are built to undoubtedly endure for many years or they could be your ideal gifts for your beloved ones which we guarantee that they would be fully impressive and blissful.